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The Funk Cartel are a duo consisting of brothers Blame Rory and Kimono Cam known for their rave ready flavours, bringing life and soul to the underground sound.

Being raised with a powerful connection to House music it was only natural for them to collect, share & create music from a young age and this has given them a deep understanding and love for the genre. The brothers believe that House has an ability to bring people together like no other music and their purpose is to share this message.

Developing themselves as artists and DJ’s they are known for high energy performances on the decks, with live sets frequently stacked with their own distinctive productions and edits. This flair was developed through their residency for label

and events group THUNDR where they are key playmakers, driving the brand forward whilst hosting parties across the UK.

A relentless work ethic in the studio helps forge their sound which cannot be tied down as their music pushes forward in many directions. This makes them unique, as there’s excitement in not knowing what is to come down the line. What’s certain is that their creativity in the studio knows no limit and will continue to produce a consistent stream of high quality releases. This approach has earned support from the worlds top DJ’s,

all the while they continue to build an ever growing collection of unreleased music ready for the clubs and radios.

Their focus now is on solidifying an influential movement within the industry, as at its essence The Funk Cartel is not just Rory and Cam but everyone that shares the same enjoyment for the music and its culture.


Sat, 18 Sep 2021
Hillside (Maidstone)
Banks, Maidstone, United Kingdom
Sat, 09 Oct 2021
THUNDR (Maidstone)
Source Bar, London, United Kingdom
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